Monday, June 24, 2013

stuff growing and crawling - Venations - HDK version

I know, it's time to move on, enough with this growing and crawling stuff, but ... I just can't ! It's too much fun to see those tentacles growing and reaching out drawing crazy shapes in the virtual space. The problem with the previous version was that ... the algorithm is quite heavy because it relies upon two nested loops (for each seed, search for the closest root) : it was too slow.
So I decided it was about time to learn a bit of HDK and implement a prototype in C++.
This version is about 30 times faster and allows a real time feedback for way more complex structures than the OTL version.
In this video I am illustrating how to use this SOP node to create a simple tree and in the second part of the video , how to paint venations on a polygonal head.

Venation System - HDK version - demo from Alessandro Pepe on Vimeo.

The venation algorithm is based on this paper by Adam Runions.


  1. Good afternoon, i'd like to know what you think of the two new softwares that will likely become the new standard replacing Houdini.
    One is called Silvan and the other one Copperfield.
    Have you heard about them? What do you think, given your expertise in the field?
    Thank you

    1. I would not bother learning Silvan and Copperfield at all ! Even because they don't exist , so their learning curve is quite steep !
      If I were you , I would totally focus on another tool : Abracadabra.
      It's great with puffs of pink smoke !
      Just my 2 cents of course.

  2. you have inspired me to use this method to build my next L system like project. It is closer to reality, roots search for what they are after. I may not be ready for the HDK approach. I will give it a shot building it with an otl. but 30 times speed up is well worth the trouble.