HUG L.A. Presentation - Nov 2016

A few months ago I had the honor to present L.A. Hug Nov 2016, where I explained in detail the workflow I used to produce this tornado fx.

The event was hosted in Framestore L.A.
You'll find the details Here

And below you'll find the presentation PDF and Hip files (H15.5) for both the Tornado and the Ink effect.

HUG-Nov2016 Presentation and Files

Enjoy and if you've question please don't hesitate to contact me.

Video Breakdown:


  1. sir plz solve my question
    related in houdini

    how can easily creat animated knit solver effect

    for example

    plz, solve this .......

    my job in danger

    1. I hope you didn't loose your job Kunal.
      this is completely out the the scope of my post but you'll find some interesting tip about knitting here:

  2. Hi Pepe,

    Thank for sharing your knowledge.

    I have a question.
    Is it possible to combine the two ink and tornado setup to achieve something like two ink splashes colliding and forming a tornado?

    When I tried a solution to combine the tornado and normal vel, I got undesired result.
    The copy vel completely stopped the rest of the pyro sim whereas add and average resulted in a very uncontrolled tornado shape.

    Any insight would be helpful. Trying to learn from your presentation and hip files as well.

    Thanks again.

    1. hey Ganesh,
      I would create a single pyro sim with two emitters (emitting in the same pyro sim), and simulating the shape you want for what concerns the two inks colliding and forming the tornado.
      Then feed in the point advection step two different point source, each with it's own id, so you can color it after the sim.
      You might need to tweak the way the velocity is advected for the pyro sim. The method I described (copy) works well if you want the smoke sim to follow quite accurately a vector field. So you need a vector field that already has the shape you wand (in my case, it was a tornado, in your case it's two spashes colliding and forming a tornado).
      Let me know if this makes sense.

    2. Thanks for your reply Pepe.

      I just did two sims (one tornado using geo animation to emit pyro then a separate ink sims to create the shape up top.

      Will have to try the way you suggested. Lets see.

  3. Hi Pepe,

    Thank you for your informational blog posts.

    I have a question regarding your inkdrop hip file.
    I couldn't figure what you changed in each take before exporting the ten particle partitions.
    I think this can be done using wedge rop too.

    Do let me know. Thank you very much.

    1. hey Ganesh,
      I just preferred to use a regular geometry export rop, to illustrate the idea behind partitioning.
      Anyway yes, I believe you can totally do that with Wedge rop too !

  4. Another question I have is about making of tornado but with the movement of the ink in water.

    How to preserve that movement but add tornado vel into the sim? I tried copy vel but it removed the sim movement all together. Add made it too violent. Any suggestion would be great.

    Thank you again


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